Posted by john on 2011/7/30 13:30:00 (14345 reads)
In this article I will show you how to add the BXSlider into a Xoops Block.
I have done all the work so you don't have to.

The first thing you should do is read about BXSlider at their website
I really like Led Zeppelin so that may be why I chose BXSlider.

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Posted by john on 2008/8/13 6:20:00 (5531 reads)
Classifieds Features and Use

Version 1.2 RC1

This version is not Cloneable.
This version NEEDS Frameworks.

Get Frameworks Here

1. Fixed search result showing html code.

2. fixed captcha not working on the addlisting page.

3. added captcha to the preferences, use it or not.

4. changed some functions names so they are unique(prevents fatal error when wf-downloads is installed).

5. changed so include_once for functions.php is always found.

6. changed some template files.

7. added 2 more category fields in the category creation.
1. Moderate this category.
2. Moderate subcats for this category.

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Posted by john on 2005/8/12 12:50:00 (4024 reads)
Jobs 1.9 is now stable. All the changes from the last version 1.84 are:

1. Added Group Permissions.
2. Removed config.php file.
3. You can now choose the Koivi Editor or not.
4. Fixed all errors that were reported during beta stage.
5. included the files for the Koivi Editor in the download.

Next Version will be 1.95 beta, It will have some way of doing resume's. Next version is still a while to come, at least one month, depends on my free time.

Hope you all enjoy.

Posted by john on 2005/3/22 16:00:00 (4275 reads)
***** Edited *****

Found problems with the 1.6 version, problems were in the uploader, and a few typo's, also changed all $HTTP_POST_VARS to _POST , all $HTTP_GET_VARS to _GET , AND $HTTP_POST_FILES TO _FILES , plus a couple more, I think I have them all. If anyone is using PHP5 I would like to know if this module works for you. Thanks.

This is basically just to fix the category issue with jobs 1.04. It also has a search, and I removed the cache folder to make the config like the xoops 2.0.x style. BACK UP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE UPGRADING THIS OR ANY OTHER XOOPS MODULE. There are no changes to the database, so just delete your old files, upload new files and update the module in the system module admin. That should be it.

Posted by john on 2005/2/25 14:50:00 (4349 reads)
I figured out how to not have to add the mid manually for xdirectory, and alumni modules. Always back up your site before making any changes.

In the file xdirectory/index.php

look for this line

$xoopsTpl->assign('lang_url', _MD_SITEURL);

after it add this line

$xoopsTpl->assign('xmid', $xoopsModule->getVar('mid'));

Then in the file xdirectory/templates/xdir_index.html replace the actual number of the module with <{$xmid}> so it looks like below.

value='<{$xmid}>' />

then update module and your done.

Alumni Module

Just a little different, go to alumni/index.php look for function index() add this line

$xoopsTpl->assign('xmid', $xoopsModule->getVar('mid'));

before this line

$xoopsTpl->assign('add_from', _ALUM_ADDFROM." ".$xoopsConfig['sitename']);

go to alumni/templates/alumni_index.html

replace the actual number of the module with <{$xmid}> so it looks like below.

value='<{$xmid}>' />

now with this module you need to add $xoopsModule, to the global like below

global $xoopsDB, $xoopsConfig, $xoopsModule, $xoopsUser, $xoopsTpl, $moderated, $myts, $mytree, $souscat, $classm, $nbsouscat, $meta, $newann, $mid;

Update the module, Thats it, This works for me, Hope you find it useful.



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