Please Read This
All my modules require users to be registered to add listings or to reply to a listing.
There are parts that NEED a user ID. to work properly.

All reputable websites DO NOT allow anonymous users to add anything, even on the
Xoops site you need to be registered, there are many reasons for this.

You may be able to hack the module to work with non registered users, it will probably not be easy, and I do not support this. I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

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Download Now! Alumni-3.1 ALPHA 4 Popular Version: 3.1 ALPHA3
Submitted Date :  11/05/2015
Alumni version 3.1 ALPHA 4 for Xoops 2.6.0 ALPHA from GitHub

It is for Xoops 2.6.0 ALPHA from GitHub

Normally I would not release anything for an ALPHA version of Xoops, but I need to be ready.
The only reason I am calling it ALPHA is because Xoops 2.6.0 is ALPHA.
It works great for me so far.
I don't expect it will work in the future but I needed to be more ready than I was, when a new release from Xoops comes.

I have already done a lot of work just to make it work with this ALPHA version of Xoops.

My modules as well as many other Xoops modules were not built with object orientated php, which is weird because Xoops has object orientated in its name.

I am so glad that this module is now OOPSed or close enough for now. My other modules will be a little harder to do,
that's why I started with the Alumni module.

There are many file changes in this version,.
You can use your old Alumni database and Photos But everything else will need to be deleted.
I am putting all the photos in one folder called photos, in that folder will be grad_photo, now_photo and school_photos all will need to be writable.
I have also added tablesorter to the categories pages as well as the listing section in the admin.
Tablesorter is a jquery script for sorting and pagination, I love it. I hope I can keep it for the final version.

Tablesorter comes from here:

The best thing about ALPHA software is that you can ask for new features and if I like them and I think I can impliment them, I will.

I know I need to do something better for the photos, but it's ALPHA.

I have tested this module on the following server.
Apache Version - 2.4.10
PHP Version 5.6.15
mySQL Version 5.5.5-10.0.21-MariaDB
Server API apache2handler

And almost everything works for me. Knock on wood.

If you have any issues with this module please report it on Xoops.

When I started my goal was to allow my module to work with Xoops 2.6.0 ALPHA and make every page work with no errors, warnings or depreciated functions.
I think I have done that. Except for 1 notice in the search pages, will fix that eventually.

Any database calls that use fetchRow or getRowsNum needed to be replaced.
even others when you change $xoppsDB to $xoops->db() would blowup the page.
Basically I had to remove all database calls and do it through classes.
Had to totally redo the search pages.

I used a few modules for examples of what I needed to do, they are
mylinks, page, publisher, profile and new and old versions of wfdownloads

Because I am using tablesorter I have moved the use banner code or index code to the top of the listings instead of somewhere in between listings.(just in category pages)
on the alumni home page the use banner code or index code still works the same.


* Have not updated the waiting plugin
* Notifications don't work because a regular user can not access that area, so I can't test it.
* Will only work with the 'use_categories' config option set to yes, I haven't gone through it and added that, wondering if I need that.
* Rewrite the sendfriend page.
* Rewrite the print page.
* Add IP log to contact page.

And everything works for me. Knock on wood.

If you have any issues with this module please report it on Xoops.



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