Please Read This
All my modules require users to be registered to add listings or to reply to a listing.
There are parts that NEED a user ID. to work properly.

All reputable websites DO NOT allow anonymous users to add anything, even on the
Xoops site you need to be registered, there are many reasons for this.

You may be able to hack the module to work with non registered users, it will probably not be easy, and I do not support this. I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

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Download Now! Jobs 3.0RC3 Popular Version: 3.0RC3
Submitted Date :  04/19/2010
Newest version is 3.0RC3


RC3 has all the fixes in the forums and many more, some add security throughout the module which means you need to upgrade, to be safe.
I have not had a lot of time, so I didn't test this on php5, but you should not have any problems. My php5 test site needs to be rebuilt and I don't have the time right now, so I figured you would not want to wait for this version.

I will fix any errors as I recieve them. NO MORE FEATURE REQUESTS FOR VERSION 3.

I have made the search for the resumes work, but it requires a small change to the kernel/module.php file. I will post the fix later.

New for resumes

I have added the same photo options that is in the Classifieds module. I have taken the guts of the Yogurt module.

You must use the upgrade script. Read the README file.

Things new for Version 3.0

1. Fixed the report about possible SQL injection, put addslashes() in the URL's,
and mysql_real_escape_string() in the database calls.

2. Admin can choose to use companies or not. Some just want to use it for one company.

3. Companies works like this.

When you go to add a job listing for the first time you will be redirected to a page to add your Company Information.
They will only need to add this information once, after that everytime they go to add a job Listing that information will already be filled out, so they won't have to keep add it.

The person who adds the Company Info can also choose two other users (by username) that can add Job Listings for that company, and also their contact Information can be added when adding or Editing the Company Information.

4. Users can view all listings for a company, and if that user is the submitter, they can administer their
listings from there. they will also be shown how many replies they have had for each listing and have
a link to show them the replies.

5. Users can sort the Job Listings by job title, date, company, popularity.
Users can sort the Resume Listings by job title, date, experience, popularity.

6. Users can now create their resume if they don't have one to upload.
For now it is just a one field form using a wywiwyg editor.
In the future it will get more involved, hopefully.


1. Upload the folder jobs to your Xoops modules directory.
2. Go to Xoops modules admin and install the module.
3. create your categories for jobs and resumes.
4. Set permissions for
1. jobs view permission
2. jobs submit permission
3. resume view permission
4. resume submit permission
5. jobs premium


1. Back up your database.
2. Overwrite the jobs module with the new files.
3. Update module.



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