Please Read This
All my modules require users to be registered to add listings or to reply to a listing.
There are parts that NEED a user ID. to work properly.

All reputable websites DO NOT allow anonymous users to add anything, even on the
Xoops site you need to be registered, there are many reasons for this.

You may be able to hack the module to work with non registered users, it will probably not be easy, and I do not support this. I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

Category: My Modules Classified Ads
Download Now! Classifieds 2.52 Popular Version: 2.52
Submitted Date :  03/09/2011
FOR XOOPS 2.3.3b and up

YOU MUST CHANGE THE XOOPS FILE class/xoopsform/formselect.php
Xoops version 2.3.3b also MUST replace the file include/cp_header.php

I have supplied the files for your specific Xoops version.

Classifieds 2.52

This fixes the search not working correctly.

I Added moderate_p to the categories database for setting if premium members need to be moderated. So when upgrading you must use the upgrade script.

Classifieds no longer uses lightbox. Now it uses a jquery plugin for Colorbox
Now Classifieds uses bezoom ( for its magnification.

Search by State/Region and/or category and/or between 2 prices

Fixed : Users could rate their own ad, not anymore.
Fixed : All reported errors
Added : New Config in preferences to allow admin to receive an e-mail if any listing is modified.
Added : New Config in preferences to allow admin to limit number of ads a regular user can have, and a premium user can have.

The formselect file needs to be changed because it does not validate the select box in a form properly, the file I provide does, and it is very important that it works for this module.( The only change is in the function renderValidationJS)

The cp_header.php file needs to be changed because it calls mainfile.php different than the newer versions of Xoops. but this module needs it to be like the newer versions. (The only change is the line that calls mainfile.php)

I am using a jquery.colorbox plugin instead and I also am using bezoom for magnification.
With bezoom you place the mouse over the thumb image in the listing and to the right of it you will see a 300px box with a magnification of your image, which follows your mouse movement.
The magnification comes from the original sized picture that was uploaded. Then with colorbox when you click on the thumb, a larger photo will appear, just like lightbox did. With colorbox I have it set to use 50% of the width of the screen.

Fixed some errors if the admin modified a listing (
was showing after modification) with default editor.

Tested on Xoops Versions 2.3.3b - 2.4.4 - 2.5.0 alpha2
Tested on servers with the following specs:

PHP - 5.2.9
MYSQL - 5.0.90-community
Server API Version - cgi-fcgi


PHP - 5.3.2
MYSQL - 5.1.42
Server API Version - apache2handler - 2.2.14

Everything I tested works fine with this server, I may have missed something.

1. Now works with Xoops version 2.3.3b and up (some files need to be changed).
2. I fixed a lot of errors from classifieds 2.4
3. Added States or Regions in the admin.
4. Added search by state or region, category and price.
5. Admin can now add a listing in the admin section.

6. Now works with Xoops 2.3.3b
7. changed modify.php and it now uses a template
8. Sort Order in Categories Not Working - fixed
9. View Ad May Give Blank Screen - fixed
10. Photo Location for Print View - fixed
11. Add Photos Link in Item View - remove$mydirname from link
12. Admin Edit Drop-Downs/Information Consistency - fixed
13. Add Photos Doesn't Lightbox - didn't think the submitter needed this, but fixed anyway
14. fixed last X items doesn't show at all if use_extra_code turned off
15. Latest Listings with Photos Block Loses Images - fixed


You can get it in the download section of this site.

It is a RC version because there is a lot of code change from the last version.
On my 2 servers everything works real good.

Report problems in the forum.

Thanks to mboyden for his review of Classifieds 2.4



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