Please Read This
All my modules require users to be registered to add listings or to reply to a listing.
There are parts that NEED a user ID. to work properly.

All reputable websites DO NOT allow anonymous users to add anything, even on the
Xoops site you need to be registered, there are many reasons for this.

You may be able to hack the module to work with non registered users, it will probably not be easy, and I do not support this. I'm sorry but that's the way it is.

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Download Now! Garage Popular Version: .05 Beta
Submitted Date :  10/07/2007
Garage .05 Beta

Report any errors at

The first thing is you will need to run an upgrade script, it is explained in the README.txt file in the module.

The Documentation in the admin is just there and working, it is not complete, Maybe Billy might want to add to those.

I think I broke the group permissions, they are very hard to get right in this module. I will keep trying. For now it only works for all categories, it doesn't single each category out. If you give a group permission to submit in one category all categories get the permission.

Below is what I have done for this Version.


1. Fixed typos in the file language/english/main.php

2. Removed hard coded language from templates/view_garage.html and admin/index.php. For our non english friends.
The new language constants are labeled in the language files at the bottom.

3. Added Documentation to the admin menu.

4. Fixed adding multiple garages for a registered user. It was not allowing a second garage if one existed and it was not redirecting properly, fixed that too.

5. Changed the admin index page to show Year - Make - Model - Style insteaded of the users name.
It needs to be changed to show categories if using them.

6. Added a link back to the last category on the view garage page.

7. Added the first upgrade script for the garage, I added a field to garage_cats.

8. I have fixed the upload problem from the submit page.
I added


to 'case add' in the garage.php page.

9. Added
to index.php to remove $subop notice

10. Changed the template view_garage so it shows the picture on the top right and it doesn't show some things if the field is empty.

11. In admin menu I changed it so if you are not using categories the category and permissions heading do not show in the admin index page.

12. I changed & lt; and & gt; to < and > as mowaffak suggested

13. I changed the language constant in image_uploader.php to _MD_XG_UPLOADSUCCESS


Wow, I need a day off.

Report any errors at There is a good chance there will be some.



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